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Quality Policy

We believe in quality rather than quantity and that is why we are comprehensively focused towards providing the best possible metal products and relative services to our clients and prospective customers. By the implementation of this quality policy we as a team of skilled individuals are liable and responsible for the adherence to the said policy. And to bring this picture into practice we are working everyday very closely with our research and development team to have an eye on the new market trends and global market scenario at large. Our religious approach towards delivering the right quality product, just in time motivates us more to be the best among market competitors.
This quality policy is dynamic in nature with utmost control over it’s amendment or implementation. But according to the market changes and positive alteration we also update our policy towards qualitative work culture. Although, all the controlling rights rest in the hands of the director of the company Mr. Ravinder Rathee and his delegates.
All the employees and staff members are accountable and bound to adhere to the rules and regulations set by the company against the quality control and procedure. It is the ultimate responsibility of one and all to accept this policy as a member of the organization. Following are the directional points of the quality policy;

 Identifying and Understanding the actual needs and expectations of the prospective customer, customers and existing consumers.
 Continuous practice towards research and development of new technology and production process system in the global market.
 Having the supervisory surveillance on the manufacturing and distribution processes so that potential errors and faults can be identified and rectified by implementing the needful actions on time.
 Hiring the appropriate level of skilled and technical staff for different processes from Raw Material to Finished Goods.
 Focussing on the staff training and development process to maintain the quality results at first place and to sustain in the forthcoming years.
 Having an eagle’s eye on the raw material used in the manufacturing process to produce the quality product each time.
 We also believe that our channel partners, suppliers and service providers also play a vital role in this quality policy. So, to maintain the quality we have healthy business relationship with all of our vendors.
 Attaining the excellent quality position among market leaders in the industry and to maintain it further for the better results.
 Maintaining the transparency clause throughout all the management levels to assure the trust factor and integrity among all.
 Ensuring that all the equipment and resources are made available for the manufacturing process so that we meet the standards as per the ISO 9001-2015. We always stand by the International Standard for Quality Management Systems to maintain the standard quality production.
 To have a control over the environment, quality, health and safety to ensure the smooth and successful processing and to set the objectives for the organisation in the long run.
 Having the integral system to have direct support from the top management for all the policies and procedures of the company.
 Having periodic assessment over quality policy to match the latest trends and needs of customers in the market with high satisfaction.
 To review and get the feedback of our quality policy through, systematic reviews, planned audits, internal audits, customer feedbacks and market surveys.
Practical Implementation
The quality policy will be audited and reviewed in a yearly periodic term. The major responsibility to maintain and attain this policy and it’s practical implementation will be in the hands of the director and board of directors. He will be responsible for the accurate assessment of the blue printed quality policy against the practical implementation and outcome. And the copy of policy manual will be available at office all the time for the reference by any staff member.